RingGo app now accessible in-car through Android Auto

RingGo, the UK’s leading cashless parking provider, has launched its latest collaboration with Android Auto. With the collaboration, motorists can display the mobile RingGo app on their car’s dashboard, making parking more convenient for drivers. With in-car infotainment system and mobile device integration, motorists can now seamlessly access the RingGo parking app to locate and pay for parking spaces.

RingGo’s partnership with Android Auto highlights the company’s focus on innovation in parking across the UK. The ability for motorists to utilise the RingGo app, alongside navigation services, music and messaging all demonstrate the company’s dedication to continuously improving the user experience, providing greater accessibility and useability.

With more motorists on the road because of the pandemic, RingGo aims it to ensure that all drivers have the best tools available. Drivers need not waste time scouring for parking availability, as the RingGo app enables a quick and efficient search, all at the press of a button.

The pairing feature requires a phone to be installed with Android Marshmallow (6.0) or above, the Google Android app and a compatible car. In the automotive market, there are already over 500 compatible Polestar vehicles for Android Auto, with more models to be announced soon.

Peter O’Driscoll, Managing Director at RingGo, said: “At RingGo, we put customers first. This means we are constantly striving to create a seamless, personalised experience that suits their individual needs. We are focused on ensuring that all our product updates help meet the needs of the modern motorists; our collaboration with Android Auto is the latest step in that journey.”

“Drivers can now alternate between their RingGo parking app, navigation services, music, and messaging, more seamlessly than ever before. Motorists no longer have to juggle multiple touchpoints and can now find all the necessary tools on their central in-car console.”