Cherwell District Council Adds RingGo As Extra Phone Parking Option

Cherwell District Council is offering RingGo Phone parkingCherwell District Council is adding RingGo as an additional option on top of its existing phone parking solution. The aim is to provide wider choice and encourage more motorists to pay to park by phone.

The Council has been offering pay by phone parking with an alternative supplier for several years, but is now adding RingGo as an option on top.

Such “multi service” offerings are becoming increasingly common across the UK, as Councils realise the benefits of encouraging people to use digital parking. With motorists sometimes reluctant to download multiple parking apps, offering several services at the same time usually increases uptake, as drivers may have used a service elsewhere.

In terms of benefits for the Council, reducing the number of coins collected in machines can lead to savings around cash collections and reduce losses due to vandalism and fraud.  Machine repairs can also become less frequent.

19 million motorists are registered on the RingGo database, making it the UK’s largest phone parking service. Offered by more than 150 local authorities and available in more than 500 towns and cities, across the UK, motorists paying to park with RingGo can use the service in literally thousands of locations across the UK.

To get started with RingGo, simply download the free RingGo app on your smartphone via the App Store or Google Play. Then, register with a few details. When you want to pay for parking, tell us where you want to park, and tap to pay. If you need to stay for longer, you can extend your RingGo parking session remotely, wherever you are!

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