Saving Thousands with RingGo: Case Study of Simply Outsourced


Operating throughout the UK, Simply Outsourced assists many of the High Street’s largest retailers with IT installation, maintenance and repair.

This ISO9001 accredited company carries out implementations and technical support across the length and breadth of the country and their 60 Field Engineers, together with a team of sales staff, need to park wherever their customers and prospects are based.

Why RingGo for Business?

As with many businesses, staff were already using RingGo cashless parking to pay for their parking via a personal account, but then having to print off VAT receipts and claim the money back.

The accompanying administration and hassle was taking up considerable employee time and was not seen as a core part of the job.

Once Management realised there was a business offering that could save their employees time and significantly reduce the need to claim back parking expenses, they quickly moved to RingGo Corporate instead.

Main Benefits of RingGo Corporate

  • Quick, easy way to pay for work parking
  • No need to pay and claim
  • Ability to top up wherever you are
  • Parking Management reports

Setting up the service

Simply Outsourced set up their RingGo Corporate Account themselves through the RingGo website and found the process straightforward.

Employees can be added either individually or in batches using a spreadsheet, with each individual recorded against their vehicle registration or mobile phone number.

If a company wants to be talked through the process or needs assistance setting up, they can easily request a call back and a RingGo Corporate Account Manager will get back to them to assist.


Benefits for the company

As well as providing headcount savings due to the reduced need for pay and claim, RingGo Corporate has significantly cut the amount of paperwork the 60+ members of staff have to complete. Few people enjoy filling in forms so the working lives of these Engineers and Sales staff have improved too, not to mention allowing them more time on their jobs.

Further time is saved with the text alerts, which notify employees when their parking is running out, as employees can then top up their parking from wherever they are.

Finally, the online RingGo Corporate parking reports allow Simply Outsourced to streamline their processes and reduce both paperwork and administration.

Management can see when employees are purchasing parking and how much it costs, providing better management control, as well as benefiting the finance department with an HMRC approved consolidated VAT invoice, which can be used for tax purposes.

“RingGo Corporate is so good for our Company. It’s quick and easy for our Engineers and Sales Staff to use, allows them to top up if a job overruns and it’s saved us masses in terms of pay and claim administration too. We’ve reduced our headcount, saving about £17,000 each year. All simply through moving to RingGo Corporate and reducing the need for pay and claim.”

“We are big fans of technology and how it affects the High Street. Our business supports the IT infrastructure of many of the UK’s largest retailers and anything that attracts people to the shops helps our business. The standard RingGo solution makes shopping on the High Street simpler and RingGo Corporate helps our employees save time and effort. All we’d really like now is for RingGo to be offered everywhere”

David Chicken
Simply Outsourced

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