RingGo Corsets - Supporting Machine Rationalisation

Over the years, RingGo has developed a number of innovative solutions to help support machine removal and reduced emission parking.  Our most popular innovation, machine “corsets”, are now in wide use across the UK.

These modified machine bags fit quickly and easily over any machine, fastening with cable ties at the back to take machines out of service, so Councils can arrange full removal, including equipment and electricity supply, in a planned, co-ordinated manner.

Our machine corsets act as significant touch free parking promotional items, encouraging compliance and providing all the information motorists need to purchase their parking by phone instead. Corsets can be used to remove machines from service either temporarily or permanently and on a localised basis or for entire fleet removal.

RingGo machine corset

RingGo partners: To order RingGo corsets for specified zones, simply download the form below, complete it and attach the completed form to a new ServiceNow ticket.

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