Coming soon to the London Borough of Haringey

RingGo, the UK’s no.1 cashless parking provider, today announces that from 26 April, it will be offering its service across the London Borough of Haringey, taking over from another cashless parking solution.

In the run up to the transfer of service, RingGo and Haringey council are working very closely together to promote the launch of the service through large scale digital adverts and transition signage across the Borough. In addition, communications will also include tailored social media promotion, how to videos, stickering and PR.

As part of the promotional drive of the partnership, signage displayed across all parking areas will educate motorists on how to easily book their session through the mobile app. When booking parking sessions on the app drivers will be met with a customised screen, featuring the popular landmark, Alexandra Palace. The large-scale digital adverts will also be displayed following the launch in Haringey.

From previous transitions, RingGo estimates that at least 70% of existing cashless parking users will already be registered with RingGo. With the extra promotion of the service also in place, this will help make the transition as seamless as possible.

If you’re not already registered with RingGo, just download our free app to get started. You can download RingGo from the App Store or Google Play Store and register with a few details. If you’re not a smartphone user, you can register and park by calling the number shown on parking signs or register online by clicking the green “REGISTER NOW” button at the top of this page.