Now I Can #ParkAgain

Enjoying the best of local towns as we safely transition out of lockdown

RingGo launches the Now I can #ParkAgain Campaign, to promote enjoying the ease of lockdown safely and healthily

April the 12th signified a big step forward in returning to normality, and over the coming months it is hoped that the additional phases of the lockdown roadmap will be achieved as planned. Brits all over the country have been excited for visits to their favourite shops and restaurants, as well as being reunited with friends and loved ones.

However, whilst many have been flooded with emotions of excitement, others are feeling a little cautious and apprehensive. RingGo wants to help make sure that everyone feels safe returning to the jobs and activities they love.

Whether it’s the reopening of a restaurant or a day out with grandchildren, parking safely is a key step in the journey out of lockdown; and doing this in a TouchFree way adds another layer of protection. Utilising the RingGo app makes the process of paying for parking safer as drivers don’t need to queue or handle cash to make the payment, therefore reducing the number of surfaces they have to come into contact with.

Using the RingGo app isn’t just beneficial from a safety perspective either, it’s also incredibly easy to use. Instead of traipsing to a parking machine to pay for your ticket, you can pay for parking from the comfort of your car. Better still, if your hair appointment is taking longer than anticipated you don’t need to fear a parking ticket, as once your session has started it can easily be extended directly in the app. This saves an awkward journey back to the car with a full head of foils to put more money on the ticket!

The flexibility of the app payment also presents more personal safety benefits. As the lockdown roadmap progresses and we are allowed inside pubs, restaurants and other entertainment venues, the likelihood is we will be staying out later. If your meetup with friends has gone on longer than anticipated and your parking ticket is running out, the RingGo app allows you to safely extend your session in the company of your friends, without having to return to the cark park alone to put more money into the machine.

Ultimately, the transition out of lockdown is an exciting time for some, and more daunting for others. We want RingGo to be part of your digital arsenal as normal life starts to return, to ensure you feel safe as we start heading out and about again. Let’s not forget precaution is necessary to make sure we stay on the right track, so be sure to be mindful of yourself and others as we all begin to #ParkAgain.

We want to see what you get up to now you can #ParkAgain. For a chance to be featured on RingGo’s social channels, let us know about the fun you’re having using the hashtag #ParkAgain.