Welcome to the Open Market

In an Open Market, motorists choose to pay for parking with their preferred app, in any town or city, wherever they are.

It’s a big shift for mobility supporting increased consumer usage, encouraging competition between providers, and driving exciting innovation. Imagine motorists able to find and pay for parking, EV charging, micro-mobility and green transport options… all with their favourite app.
That’s the Open Market.

An Open Market benefits all

For local authorities

Reduced cost, resource, and complexity in procurement

Happier motorists and fewer complaints

Enhanced data to support informed policies

For mororist

Simpler, easier parking via a single app, wherever they are

Innovation in tech leading to improved user experiences

Better connected mobility services

For suppliers

Greater focus on creating value for motorists

A market led by innovation and healthy competition

A simpler, more sustainable business model

The County Councils Network and Open Market Parking

RingGo and the Open Market featured at the County Councils Annual Network Conference in December, highlighting the many benefits for Councils and motorists of Open Market parking.  You can read about the event and what was said here.

Councils can join the Open Market Now

The Open Market is live and operational now; through a technology hub called the National Parking Platform (NPP).

Funded by the Department for Transport, it’s a data-sharing framework enabling multiple mobile parking providers to offer their services in a single area, turning on its head the resource and time-heavy procurement model that restricts local authorities to using a single supplier.

The NPP launched across Manchester City Council in 2021 and the technology has been available and rolling out to other local authorities since then.

As more and more local authorities tap into the data-sharing potential of the NPP, parking providers are incentivised to develop improved features and integrate services which attract motorists.

The Open Market gives motorists true freedom of choice to make parking decisions based on the factors most important to them; such as price, app functionality, space availability, directions, and EV charging. Integrated services, including onward mobility and in-car solutions will also feature in time.

Results already show more people than ever choosing to pay for parking and mobility solutions without using cash.

We’re here to help you get Open Market ready

Many local authorities already have the right conditions to benefit from Open Market parking.

If your town or city:

  • has high numbers of motorists already choosing cashless payments, and;
  • supports greater consumer control and choice over mobility payment and charging options

then you’re likely ready to go, and we can help you do the rest.

RingGo is here to support and advise local authorities and private operators who are ready to join the Open Market. To discover what it can mean for your area, email us at Open-Market@RingGo.co.uk or speak to your RingGo Account Manager. We’ll be happy to help.