Parkmobile locations have now switched to RingGo

Parkmobile locations have changed to RingGo, which means you can still park quickly and easily without cash. Plus, RingGo has lots of useful extra features, like helping you find an available parking spot, and giving you directions straight to it.

You’ll still be able to use Start/Stop parking with RingGo:

If you use Start/Stop parking to pay for the exact amount of time you park, you’ll still be able to in the following locations – with more being added soon:

Once you’ve registered with RingGo, you’ll be able to:

  • Park at over 12,000 parking locations worldwide
  • Use over 5,000 Electric Vehicle charging stations
  • Get easy contactless entry and exit from selected car parks using AutoPay
  • And if you have 5 or more vehicles to park, see if a RingGo Corporate account would work for you – there’s more at

Register at for cashless parking, made simpler.