Corporate Cashless Parking Suits Companies and Councils

Case Study of Edinburgh

In August 2010, The City of Edinburgh Council introduced RingGo cashless parking for all Council-operated spaces across Edinburgh, a process which involved signage being installed on 1,200 pay and display machines, covering 13,000 spaces.

RingGo quickly became popular with local residents, commuters and shoppers. With many Council workers also needing to travel and park around Edinburgh on business, the Council soon adopted RingGo Corporate – the solution developed to provide quick and easy parking for employees when driving on business.

Why RingGo Corporate

RingGo’s Corporate service had been operating for more than a year when the Council rolled out RingGo. A mixture of large and small organisations were using the service, including local trading companies, like builders, plumbers and estate agents; as well as nationally distributed utility and service organisations.

For the Council, RingGo Corporate provided a quick and easy way for nominated employees to park on business, without the need to pay and claim. They simply called the RingGo service and selected the Corporate option, enabling them to benefit from the Council’s own parking facilities, without having to physically pay at the parking machines.

Main Benefits of RingGo Corporate

  • Reduced administration
  • Ease of use for employees
  • Cost-centre allocation via internal journal entries
  • Parking management information
  • Consolidated VAT invoice

Benefits for the Council

The Council benefits from saved costs, reduced administration, comprehensive reports and an end to end audit of its business parking. When the Council employees pay for parking through RingGo Corporate, the systems records the sessions and allocates the journal cost to the correct department. As on street parking is operated by the Council, internal journal transfers are used to balance the payments, and no physical exchange takes place.

Setting up the scheme is straightforward. The secure online administration and management suite allows the service Administrator (and any nominated Manager), to add or remove employees (recorded by either vehicle registration or mobile number); monitor usage; and access a wealth of information on business parking.

Benefits to Organisations based in Edinburgh

The City of Edinburgh Council benefits, not just from its own employees using the service, but from local organisations utilising RingGo Corporate too. Since RingGo’s launch in August 2010, the Edinburgh area has become the fastest growing region in the country for the service. Thousands of Corporate parking sessions are carried out there each month.

“Providing RingGo Corporate for Council employees has made life so much simpler for both the Council and employees. Administratively, it’s reduced the amount of paperwork we have to complete considerably and our staff obviously appreciate its ease of use too. It’s particularly useful for employees like planners and social workers as it means they can get about their work much quicker.”

Gavin Brown, Parking Operations Manager for The City of Edinburgh

NHS Lothian is a high user of the service. For the health service, the scheme enables employees to park quickly and easily wherever they like, without the hassle of paying a parking fee, or worrying about a penalty charge notice. Nurses, doctors, health visitors and midwives all use the service as they carry out their daily work across the City.

Building Services experts, TB Mackay Energy Services Ltd, are one of the many private organisations using RingGo Corporate in Edinburgh. As well as offering easier parking for employees, the monthly consolidated invoice enables the company to quickly charge back parking and VAT against expenses.

“RingGo Corporate is a great service for companies like ours. Quite apart from the fact that our staff no longer need to carry change, it helps from a practical point of view too. If a job takes a bit longer than planned, there’s no need to interrupt the job. Our Engineers just call RingGo again and add time onto their parking.”

Sean Doherty, Company Director
TB Mackay Energy Services Ltd

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