Updating your phone's software and the RingGo app

To make sure you can keep parking with the RingGo app, you’ll need to update your phone’s software and get the latest version of our app. This is because new payment security regulations mean that banks may soon decline digital payments if you can’t complete extra security checks – so we’re updating our app to keep your parking payments safer than ever.

To be able to run the latest version of the RingGo app, your phone needs to update to either iOS 13 or later if you use an Apple device, or Android 6.0 if you use an Android device.

How do I update my phone?

If you use an Apple device, click here to view Apple’s guide to updating your phone.

If you use an Android device, click here to view Google’s guide to updating your phone.

My phone won’t update to iOS 13 or Android 6.0 – does that mean I can’t use RingGo anymore?

You can still use the old version of the RingGo app to view your account details, previous parking sessions and parking locations. You won’t be able to use it to pay for parking or permits without cash – but you can still use your RingGo account to pay without cash, using one of the ways to pay below:

  • Pay online at mystaging.ringgo.co.uk/bookparking
  • Pay using our automated phone line on 0203 046 0010
  • Call us using the phone number listed on the parking signs and stickers

If you choose to upgrade your phone in future, you will be able to use the RingGo app once again.

Why are you changing the app?

We’re updating the RingGo app to meet the requirements of the latest SCA (Strong Customer Authorisation) legislation, which is designed to keep your online payments secure while protecting your data. The update will allow for the payment industry’s new enhanced security checks to be completed as seamlessly as possible.

What happens after I’ve updated my phone?

You’ll be able to keep using the RingGo app to pay for parking, with extra protection from cyberattacks and fraud. You’ll also find:

  • Improved data connectivity and better phone signal
  • Improved battery life
  • Your phone working faster and being more responsive