Siri and Alexa come to RingGo – “Tell me where to park”

At Parkex next week (2-4 April) we are unveiling a range of new in-car mobility services that actively demonstrate the future of parking. With voice-activated and dashboard solutions helping drivers locate parking spaces, find prices, and pay for parking in seconds the RingGo team are showcasing offerings from BMW, Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, all of which take the pain out of parking. The world of mobility is truly inter-connected.


Utilising a brand-new BMW 3 series as an on-stand demonstrator these new services will allow motorists to:

  • Search and pay for parking with RingGo directly through the BMW dashboard
  • Set up and pay for parking in seconds using Apple’s Siri assistant
  • Seek information about parking based on location, price and availability, using Amazon’s voice-activated Alexa service connected to RingGo’s data interface

Combined, these new options will make finding and paying for parking even quicker and easier as Peter O’Driscoll our UK Managing Director highlights:

“RingGo has always led the industry in terms of innovation,” he says, “and with these offerings, we’re using the latest technologies to improve the user experience even more. The last stage of any journey is often the most stressful, with motorists wondering ‘Where can I park? Will there be spaces? How much will it cost’, and our uniquely-developed voice and in-car solutions help reduce or remove these concerns. Research suggests that most drivers don’t plan their parking – it’s done last minute by following signs, or with a hasty search on Google. These new innovations remove that hassle by offering hands-free payment and information just when motorists need it.”

You can read the full press release here.


We’ve already started engineering our apps to make them ready for Alexa and Siri integrations – stay tuned for an official launch announcement shortly!