Welcome to our new look RingGo website!

Welcome to our new look RingGo website which is helping us stand out from the crowd. We hope you like our new pink and purple look, with its bright, fresh, innovative feel.

The change in our colourways comes as the UK parking industry increasingly moves from single supplier status (where one phone parking solution is offered in each area) towards the Open Market for parking, where multiple solutions operate at the same time.  The benefit for motorists is that they no longer need to download multiple apps but can use their favourite app wherever they go.

For almost 20 years, RingGo has been known and loved for its green and black logo, and during this time it’s stayed virtually the same. Over the last two decades, though, every other phone parking solution has moved to RingGo’s green and black colouring or entered the market using a similar theme. 

That makes it hard for customers to spot when RingGo is available in places like Manchester, Cambridge, Bournemouth, and Poole which have all moved to this new way of working.  

With our eye catching new pink and purple colouring, though this definitely won’t be the case.

As of today (2 May), the RingGo apps, websites, social media, and customer communications will all feature the new colourways. Signage will transfer to the new brand over time.